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Horseradish cream

Sauce based on horseradish and cream is ideal for cold or hot meat, smoked fish, and will give a new unusual taste of sandwiches and cold snacks.

Mustard «Bavarian»

Sweet and spicy Bavarian mustard has a rich granular consistency.

Mustard «Russian»

The most savory, the hottest, the best for your health - the famous Russian mustard!

Mustard «Home-made»

Made from whole mustard seeds, flavory, soft, with a rich sweet-spicy taste, dense in a home-made style, it is ideal as a condiment for your favorite dish.

Mustard «European»

Hot to a right degree, concentrated, made from whole mustard seeds, it retains all the flavor of the real mustard.

Mustard «Dijon»

The mustard recipe "Dijon" originates from France.

Mustard «With hot pepper»

Burning hot, with the addition of red pepper, will appeal to seekers of new faces of the taste of your favorite dishes.

Adjika "Hot"

Burning hot, with an exquisite flavor of khmeli-suneli herbs and the scent of fresh dill and parsley, adjika is for daring food lovers.

Adjika "Caucasian"

Hot, spicy, with a delicate hint of caramelized sugar, genuine “essence” of the Caucasian cuisine!

Adjika "Royal"

Hot and spicy seasoning with marjoram, the literal translation of which from Arabic sounds as "incomparable", burning-hot, with a light taste of caramelized sugar and fresh herbs, this is really a royal adjika!

Horseradish with beet

Classic burning taste of horseradish, softened by sweetness of beet - a piquant mix for lovers of "Russian" spices!

Classic horseradish

Classic condiment with a sharp, burning, "fierce" taste has long been the essence of Russian cuisine.

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