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The company «Kuhmaster» has long been appreciated by many Russian people. Adults and children, lovers of sweet or spicy stuff, fans of Russian, Italian, Asian or Caucasian cuisine - everyone will find his favorite treat among products of «Kuhmaster»! Today the range of products is about 100 items, and in 2017, «Kuhmaster» introduced several new products that are rapidly gaining popularity among Russian customers: sauce «Original Barbecue» and «Spicy Barbecue», tomato sauce «Horseradish», a series «Sauces for pasta», mustard «With horseradish» and «Bavarian», «Horseradish with beet», juice «Tomato».

Why do customers choose products of «Kuhmaster»?

  • Quality

Natural high grade raw materials (own agricultural facilities and local suppliers) and the highest quality control at every stage of production. We do not use genetically modified ingredients (GMOs). Introduction of new food processing technologies and continuous upgrading of equipment make it possible for us to start production of preservative-free food (tomato and vegetables range of products and condiments).

  • Recipe

Unique recipes preserving all useful properties of the ingredients are developed in the laboratories of the company «Kuhmaster» to help us to meet a wide range of customer tastes. Original combination of ingredients adds a unique flavor to even simple, familiar products.

  • Packaging

Modern, eco-friendly, airtight packaging, preserving the freshness of the product.
Different options of packaging (based on own market research) designed for maximum satisfaction of consumer needs (convenience in transportation, storage, consumption).

  • Design

Bright packaging design was developed taking into account modern trends of the b2c market. Graphic image of the ingredients on the package encourages the customers to instantly make a choice. Classic, easy to read and remember logo of the company enhances the memorability of the product. .

All of this ensures high customer loyalty and allows creating unique offers in our price segment.

Own fleet of trucks, modern warehouse facilities and efficient operation of our Logistics department guarantee accuracy and continuity of supply.

A well-planned strategy to promote new products and image support of the brand by using both traditional advertising media (print media, TV, radio, billboards) and digital technologies in conjunction with the “event” technology, allow us to maintain a constant interest of customers to the brand. Advertising strategies are formed taking into account interests of our business partners who are also provided with promotional materials for BTL-events.

We are active in the development of a regional network of distributors and are always looking for new business partners!

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