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Sauce «Barbecue»

A multi-faceted full-bodied flavor with hints of smoked meat – a distinctive feature mouth-watering Barbecue sauce.

Sauce «Mustard»

Bright and spicy, the sauce goes well with the meat, revealing its flavor and giving a unique taste.

Sauce «Curry»

A unique combination of many traditional Indian spices that give the sauce a unique taste and aroma, will be appreciated not only by all lovers of Oriental cuisine, but also by the most sophisticated gourmets.

Sauce «Ajika»

Sharp Abkhazian seasoning based on a large number of spices and herbs, which has a thin, bitter-sweet aroma and a spicy burning taste. Excellent marinade for meat, excellent seasoning for ready-made dishes-meat, fish, lobio, satsivi, side dishes.

Pasta sauce with aubergine

Slightly perceptible sourness of fresh tomatoes in combination with piquant and spicy notes of herbs and vegetables give this sauce an unusual taste.

Pasta sauce with sweet pepper

Slight sourness of fresh tomatoes and sweetness of bell pepper – an excellent duet of culinary art!

Pasta sauce with zucchini and paprika

Fresh tomatoes, tender zucchini and sweet paprika, enhanced with a whole variety of herbs - the original mix giving traditional pasta a wonderful taste.

Pasta sauce Bolognese with beef

Traditional Italian sauce, in which juicy minced beef is perfectly combined with ripe tomatoes and spices.

Sauce "Krasnodarski"

Fresh tomatoes, apple puree and carrot give sour-sweet taste, garlic adds sharpness, and parsley - a savory aroma.

Sauce "Kubanski"

Fresh tomato taste, light sharpness of garlic, spices and savory parsley - a surprisingly delicious combination in one sauce.

Sauce "Samarski"

Rich taste of tomatoes and aromatic apple puree, complemented with slightly tart hints of bay leaf and fresh dill - a unique recipe from “Kuhmaster”!

Sauce "Tomato spicy"

Fresh taste of tomatoes, burning hot red chili pepper and a savory flavor of nutmeg, all this softened with carrot - a perfect combination of flavors in one sauce.

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