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Tomato and vegetable products

One lives life to the full when the life has strong sensations and a taste of adventure, sweetness of love and bitterness of sad parting. So is the food - without seasonings, sauces and spices it will be healthy but taste bland!

«Kuhmaster» - a company that makes your life brighter and the most simple food – delicious!

Almost 20 years ago we started producing ketchups and tomato paste. It was then that the motto of the company was adopted, which still remains our guiding principle - «The highest quality at reasonable price!»

Since that time the range of our products has greatly expanded and production volume has increased significantly. «Premium» sauces, tomato and original, ketchups, tomato paste and passata, mustard, adjika, horseradish, zucchini spread, juices and nectars are just a short list of our products.

Modern processing equipment from leading European companies, the latest technologies and production automation, ensuring elimination of risks related to “human factor” and strict quality control at all stages of production – all this together allows to make products of the highest quality without artificial preservatives, colors and flavor enhancers.

Taste of any product mostly depends on what ingredients you use when making it, so you need to be very careful in selecting raw materials. In the Volgograd region – «tomato area of Russia» - in our own fields we grow tomatoes and then process them into tomato paste. All other ingredients are purchased from Russian suppliers provided always that they have Declaration of compliance with the standards of food safety, Product Quality Certificate and Product Test Certificate.

But above all, the most important «magic» ingredient of our products is a unique recipe created in the laboratories of «Kuhmaster»! For example, tomato sauces made from fresh tomatoes. Each of them is like a masterpiece of culinary art. Rich, spicy, mouth-watering, with herbs or natural additives - for every taste and for any dish. Mustard - from tender «European» to brutal «Russian», is made only from whole mustard seeds which makes it possible to fully preserve all the useful properties of this wonderful plant. Passata - an Italian guest in Russian cuisine, ideal for making sauces and garnishes.

On every product of «Kuhmaster» we can talk forever. But better - just try it!


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