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Tomato sauce "Krasnodarski"

Fresh tomatoes, apple puree, carrots and parsley - a vegetable mix rich in minerals and vitamins.

Sauce "Samarski"

Rich taste of tomatoes and aromatic apple puree, complemented with slightly tart hints of bay leaf and fresh dill - a unique recipe from “Kuhmaster”!

Mustard «Dijon»

The mustard recipe "Dijon" originates from France.

Multi-vegetable juice

Mix of ripe tomatoes, bright carrots, sweet beets and bell peppers. The real taste of summer!

Tomato sauce "Kubanski"

Spicy-sweet and fresh, like a steppe wind, delicate and rich, this sauce brings new tints of taste to your favorite even the simplest dishes.

Biscuits "Oatcakes"

Soft, flaky, with an original "oatmeal" flavor, not to sweet, it just melts in your mouth.

Mustard «Bavarian»

Sweet and spicy Bavarian mustard has a rich granular consistency.

Cherry-Apple juice

This natural source of vitamins, Cherry-Apple juice strengthens the immune system, improves the body tone and contributes to the improvement of mental activity.

Tomato sauce "Samarski"

Original recipe that perfectly combines freshness of tomatoes, sweetish sourness of apple puree and the tart note of laurel.

Biscuits "Baked milk"

Soft and delicious, melting in your mouth, with a pleasant taste of baked milk, these classic biscuits are appreciated by adults and children alike.

Mustard «Russian»

The most savory, the hottest, the best for your health - the famous Russian mustard!

Tomato sauce "Georgian spicy"

Tender and strong like the first love, with the tart notes of coriander, which only add depth to its taste, this sauce is beautiful like the sunrise in the mountains.

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