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Tomato sauce "Satsebeli"

The delicate aroma of oriental spices with a pronounced flavor of coriander and fresh as a mountain morning tomatoes –it is a magical combination embodied in a soft, slightly hot sauce.

Biscuits "Strawberry tartlets"

Soft and crispy, tasty and sweet, full of wonderful strawberry jam, these tartlets will be a real treat for your guests!

Biscuits "Kremareo" with chocolate-cream filling

Delicious dessert in a convenient package! Small, moderately sweet, melting in the mouth, with a good layer of filling.

Sauce "Tomato"

Delicate, slightly sweet flavor of classic tomato sauce will add a touch of exquisiteness to any dish. Made from only fresh tomatoes grown under the generous rays of the Volga sun, it is a “must” in every kitchen.

Biscuits "Cherry tartlets"

Delicate and crispy, tasty and sweet, full of delightful cherry jam, these tartlets will become a real decoration of your table!

Tomato sauce "Tkemali"

The famous Georgian sauce, which has already gained worldwide popularity. Sweet and sour, with hints of aromatic herbs and spices, it is definitely the “king” of a friendly hospitable feast.

Biscuits "Sunny morning" Mango

New! Delicate, crumbly tartlets with a bright exotic taste of mango.

Biscuits “For coffee"

Classic biscuits - delicious, soft and not too sweet, they have long ago won the love of both coffee lovers and tea lovers.

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