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New sauces

Sauce «Barbecue»

A multi-faceted full-bodied flavor with hints of smoked meat – a distinctive feature mouth-watering Barbecue sauce.

Sauce «Mustard»

Bright and spicy, the sauce goes well with the meat, revealing its flavor and giving a unique taste.

Sauce «Curry»

A unique combination of many traditional Indian spices that give the sauce a unique taste and aroma, will be appreciated not only by all lovers of Oriental cuisine, but also by the most sophisticated gourmets.

Sauce «Ajika»

Sharp Abkhazian seasoning based on a large number of spices and herbs, which has a thin, bitter-sweet aroma and a spicy burning taste. Excellent marinade for meat, excellent seasoning for ready-made dishes-meat, fish, lobio, satsivi, side dishes.

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