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«Kuhmaster» – one of the largest Russian companies for production of tomato, vegetable and confectionery food products has delighted customers in Russia, CIS and far abroad countries with its tasty products for almost 20 years.

Once, in the now distant 1999, it all started with the production of ketchups, tomato paste and sauces under the trademark «Elita». These sauces are still produced and marketed and are very popular with customers.

In 2004 the company underwent re-branding and became the «Kuhmaster» company. Why did we choose this name? By that time we had a clear idea about strategy of our business in the future, we understood that the company was ready to go to the next stage of its development. Therefore, it was decided to engage in professional development of consumer tastes that was reflected in the adopted official slogan and logo - «Kuhmaster» – Professional of taste». Indeed, who but a true professional of culinary art can offer an original recipe with perfectly chosen ingredients?

Continuing production of familiar and appreciated by the customers sauces, such as «Kebab», «Tomato», «Krasnodarski», the company was preparing to move to the level of «haute cuisine», a strategic goal that was accomplished in a short time. Dreams come true sooner or later...

In 2007 «Kuhmaster» started production of tomato sauces with a complicated recipe in the famous brand glass bottle: «Italian», «Creole», «Tatarski», «Tkemali», «Satsebeli» and of course, the classic «Tomato». Original recipes, catchy delisious taste made a great impression on the customers. These products instantly found their loyal fans, whose number is increasing day by day!

In the same year the company started production of biscuits. Why we chose confectionery business? Because it's delicious and in high demand!

Then, more and more! Apart from tomato paste, sauces and ketchups, the product range of «Kuhmaster» was enriched with mustard, adjika, zucchini spread, passata, pumpkin and pumpkin-carrot nectar – everything that improves the taste of food, whets the appetite, makes you feel good, and most importantly – good for your health!


Company «Elita» started production of tomato ketchup and tomato paste in Samara


Start of production of tomato sauces


Rebranding of the company, «Elita» changed name to company «Kuhmaster»


Launch of the confectionery department for production of biscuits. In the same year, a significant extension of the range of tomato products. The company started to produce premium tomato sauces without preservatives and ketchup in a convenient doy-pack package


Entry into a new market segment - condiments. Launch of production of mustard


Establishment of the representative office in Moscow, moving to the Federal level.


Upgrading of biscuits production line (installation of robotic equipment)


Modernization of the production of mustard. The company started to use whole mustard seeds as a raw material that allowed to save the maximum amount of nutrients and flavor in the final product


Launch of a new processing line for production of tomato products, which made it possible to increase the output by several times. Extension of the condiments segment of «Kuhmaster» - start of production of «Adjika»


Installation of X-ray inspection equipment to monitor the integrity of containers, to reject foreign objects from the product, to check the labelling. Overall, this has significantly improved the quality of the products.


Start of production of zucchini spread


Establishment of agricultural and food processing facilities in the Volgograd region. Start of production of nectars and juices, passata and horseradish in Samara


«Kuhmaster» introduced several new products that are rapidly gaining popularity among Russian customers: sauce «Barbecue original» and «Barbecue spicy», tomato sauce «Horseradish», a series of «Sauces for pasta», mustard «With horseradish» and «Bavarian», «Horseradish with beet», juice «Tomato»

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