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Biscuits "Golden Symphony"

The most delicate, light, crisp, melting in your mouth biscuits with a nice golden color.

Sauce “Chili”

This hot and spicy tomato sauce will boost your appetite and enhance your beloved kebab with new shades of taste!

Ketchup “Kebab”

The combination of fresh tomatoes, hot garlic and dill - a classic recipe for real lovers of hot sauces.

Pumpkin nectar with pulp and sugar

Sweet, rich taste and aroma, which you cannot confuse with anything else!

Tomato juice with pulp

Delicious and rich in taste juice is distinguished by a unique combination of minerals and vitamins.

Sauce "Kubanski"

Fresh tomato taste, light sharpness of garlic, spices and savory parsley - a surprisingly delicious combination in one sauce.

Mustard «Home-made»

Made from whole mustard seeds, flavory, soft, with a rich sweet-spicy taste, dense in a home-made style, it is ideal as a condiment for your favorite dish.

Mango juice

This natural source of vitamins, apple juice strengthens the immune system, improves the body tone and contributes to the improvement of mental activity.

Tomato sauce "Kebab"

A lot of fresh tomatoes, spices and garlic - a classic mix for those who like it hot.

Sauce "Krasnodarski"

Fresh tomatoes, apple puree and carrot give sour-sweet taste, garlic adds sharpness, and parsley - a savory aroma.

Tomato juice with black pepper

Fragrant black pepper adds a touch of piquancy and a slight sharpness to the rich taste of fresh tomatoes.

Mustard «European»

Hot to a right degree, concentrated, made from whole mustard seeds, it retains all the flavor of the real mustard.

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